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PPC Management Services

Why Should You Outsource PPC Management Services?

Our team has extensive experience managing PPC campaigns for businesses of all sizes, hence we know how to get the most out of your money. We will:

Manage your AdWords PPC management efficiently, saving you money and making sure that every penny is spent wisely on the most relevant keywords.

Optimize your ads for maximum return on investment by researching competitor strategies and providing recommendations based on our analysis of your business model and goals.

Our customer retention strategy is intended to retain as many customers as possible for businesses. Improved customer satisfaction ultimately help you outperform your competitors.

Our PPC Management Services include

Facebook Ads

We will devise an effective strategy to build your audience from scratch and create a successful campaigns on Facebook & Instagram.

PPC Audits

You can rely on our team to assess your PPC campaigns for the best practices and missed opportunities so that it performs to its full potential.

Google Ads

We will monitor the performance of your ads regularly, and you will receive regular reports on how your ads are performing.

PPC Management Services: Key Features

Bid management

As a part of our PPC services, we monitor bid gaps, and price changes, and maintain bid positions for our clients. We develop and tweak bid rules based on data to ensure maximum return on advertising investment.

PPC Managementent

Your campaign's performance will be summarized in a monthly report that we provide at the end of each month. This report contains information about individual keywords, conversion rates, and performance trends.

Keyword research and selection

Our PPC campaigns are most effective when we identify profitable keywords using advanced keyword research tools. We'll be looking at longtail keywords that drive targeted traffic to your website as well as keywords that convert into sales.

Ad copy and creation

For your company's marketing needs, we can develop a comprehensive and effective advertising campaign. PPC advertising can bring targeted traffic to your website with targeted keywords, ad messaging, and engaging landing pages.

Landing Page Optimization

You will receive custom landing pages created and deployed by the Atlantis team based on the business requirements of your company. We will also perform multivariate tests and A/B split tests to determine which landing pages are most effective.

Conversion tracking

As part of our paid search management services, we will track your conversion rates, and we will modify your campaign accordingly.

Ad optimization and testing

In a PPC campaign, multiple ads are created for every keyword group, and after that, the effectiveness of each ad is tested. Our team will optimize your ads based on a deep understanding of the human thought processes behind messages.

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